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The Seed Agency is one of the best marketing groups we have ever worked with and that says a lot considering that we have represented millions of square feet of commercial real estate during the last 30 years. They understand real estate, solve problems in creative and cost effective ways, think “out of the box”, and are fun to work with. I consider them one of my “go to” partners in the industry. They are fantastic!

Jeff Pion
Vice Chairman,
CBRE | Global Brokerage Services

“They listen intensely, convey our vision and our brand very effectively, do beautiful work, keep us and our followers smiling and always give us more than we ask – that is the remarkable Seed Agency.”

Wayne Ratkovich
President & CEO,
The Ratkovich Company

It has never ceased to amaze me how every time I visited this massive construction site that the first thing I always notice is how it communicates itself graphically. Not just the beautiful large scale graphic imagery of the final design but the most thoughtful way that the artistic and graphic elements engage downtown and its neighbors, travelers & visitors.

In addition at the most challenging areas of the development where hotel guests and other users of the plaza had to be rerouted, delayed and held up.  The graphic rendering of color, directional information and mindful messaging was inspired.  I truly believe Seed Agency made the experience ‘entertaining’.

Colum McCartan

Marni Burns has the uncanny ability to give projects… personality. Long before the places we design come together in the physical, Marni’s work has magically already brought them to life.

Nord Eriksson
Principal ASLA,

“Seed Agency gave us a comprehensive world to call our own, which helped us launch a brand that was fresh, fully realized and activated.”

Matthew Baker
Director of Sales and Marketing,
Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

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