Seed Studio

the challenge.

Inform beautifully. 

Seed Studio is a Seed Agency offshoot born to provide off-the-shelf and customizable behavioral signage designed to elevate personal and commercial spaces. Our goal is to help spread information in a way that is both instructive and modern and that encompasses playfulness, humanity, and warmth.

So many resources go into creating brand identities and experiences and there seemed to be a need for informational signage to complement that effort.

Spread positivity. 

When people feel welcome and safe in spaces their moods can shift toward the positive. There is considerable data supporting the idea that positivity and community strengthen not only well-being but immunity. The happier we are together, the more healthy we can be, both physically and mentally.

Why this? Why now? 

Seed Studio was born during a time of change and challenge in the world. In our day jobs at Seed Agency, we create brand identities and experiences and it was the crisis of Covid-19 that inspired us to extend our work to a greater audience who might benefit from well-designed and thoughtful messaging.

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