District Brand Launch

the challenge.

Change the poor impression that the local community and previous hotel visitors have of the Sheraton Hotel and, specifically, the previous restaurant within it.

the approach.

Knowing we needed to rewire the perceptions of the local community and previous hotel guests, we began by establishing the District Brand DNA Book. This became both counselor and guide to everyone involved in this multi-phased, multi-faceted project, and proved to be our strategic touchstone across all mediums, including Uniforms, Logo design, Webpage, and Menu design, the tone of voice for the social launch, even down to what flowers, salt shakers and serving items were on brand and served the story. By adhering to a singular voice for the District DTLA Brand, the formerly negative perception of the restaurant within the hotel was eradicated by consistent, multifaceted messaging, and was replaced by excitement and interest.

the results.

District DTLA is currently top of mind destination for both locals and hotel guests, and is known for creating combinations and juxtapositions of flavors that are wonderfully intuitive and modern from a selection of farm fresh local foods. And the bar has a reputation for serving the best hand crafted cocktails in Downtown Los Angeles.

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