The Bloc Leasing Books

the challenge.

The brokers and marketing team for The Bloc had a mere sliver of time to grab the attention of leasing targets. They needed a tool that was visually impactful, loaded with specs, architectural plans and demographic data, and projected a vision of The Bloc’s value as a future retail destination, so potential tenants could download the big picture post haste.

the approach.

We realized that if we created something seductive, potential tenants would want to know more, so we designed a book in a unique shape, more like a highly designed coffee table book than a leasing brochure. By being unique, crafted and full of data, it was not only seductive, it also conveyed the atmosphere and the world of The Bloc.

the results.

The development team and brokers had a tool that could be given to prospective users by hand or on a digital drive which provided extensive information on the property in a compelling format.

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