Standard Works, El Segundo

the challenge.

El Segundo’s light manufacturing warehouses, built in the 1940’s and 50’s to support the oil and aircraft industries are evolving into creative office and retail spaces housing entertainment, digital, social and innovative media companies. Referred to as Smoky Hollow, the original charm remains with motorcycle and auto repair shops providing a soulful authenticity, just a few minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

We approached the naming portion of this project wanting to pay homage to the past while looking forward excitedly toward the future. We worked with our client to arrive at Standard Works, a name that felt both new and old, juxtaposing the project’s refinery roots with the idea of present-day productivity.

When creating the Standard Works website we leveraged the same objective; using color and layout to reference the industrial age, while injecting the energy and excitement inherent in a new era of innovation and intellectual achievement.



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