Humans fail to fit into most standard settings. Why that’s good news for brands looking to connect.

Humans fail to fit into most standard settings. Why that’s good news for brands looking to connect.
by Seed Agency

Are you a small, medium, large, or…?

Living in an industrialized world means that we are surrounded by systems that attempt to automate and simplify most activities, services, and products down to a basic set of options and settings. But nothing about you or your customer is a standard size. And that is a good thing.

Finding treasure in the gaps.

People do many of the same things but with slight variations and reasons behind each one every day. The gold is in the variations. Why do we do what we do? Why do we like what we like and crave what we crave? Our behaviors and thinking are a mix of built-in habits and responses to the detailed and ever-changing world around us with some hard-wired caveman stuff thrown in for fun. And most are driven by a desire to find peace while moving toward our goals. Whether those goals are to become the next president or just make it home in under an hour.

Why, why, why?

When looking for how to engage authentically with the people whose attention you are trying to attract, look first at the actions they take every day, in connection with your service or product. Then start looking closer at the details of why and how they do or do not interact and what they are both doing and feeling before and after the interaction. And then for every small thread you uncover, dig a little deeper to learn a bit more about why that is.

An example is Starbucks. Howard Schultz discovered that between home and work, there was a need for another place that people could pause to do something just for them, and the idea of the ‘third place’ was born. Starbucks used and still uses this ‘third place’ concept to craft a customer experience which results in a much larger imprint on customers than discussions of beans or coffee preparation.

Now and later.

This is a discovery exercise that you can do to fine-tune any branding or messaging effort you are either planning or in the midst of.  The process is called customer experience or customer journey mapping.

And because of the constantly changing nature of the world your existing and future customers occupy, this is ideally a perpetual exercise, planned periodically throughout the year as part of your market positioning strategy and planning.

Let us know how it turned out, or, if you don’t think this is your thing, we are but an email away.


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Posted April 04, 2018